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We can't wait to show you how.


Teebsi helps you build lifelong memories with friends and family by spending less time planning your U.S. vacation and more time enjoying it.


We believe in traveling with intention. A vacation should be a defining moment you appreciate with friends and family, a time when you can all discover new things together. 

When you travel with Teebsi, you feel like you belong to the places you visit. You share a special moment with like-minded travelers and connect with the locals. You explore while positively impacting the local community, with sustainability in mind.

Behind Teebsi is an energetic team of diverse people who are passionate about traveling and helping other people create amazing memories. With over 25 years of experience organizing vacations for international travelers visiting the US, we want to give back to the places we visit and design tours that cater to travelers as well as the local community. And we are truly excited to welcome you on one of our tours.

A trip you live today and remember tomorrow.

woman admiring the view of Horseshoe Bend of a National Park vacation
group of friends sitting in grass during a san francisco day tour




At a slower pace

With intention


A moment you will remember

A moment spent with others

Nature and the city


Get off the traditional tourist path

Discover yourself

Experience something real


Feel a part of the community

Understand what is around you

Be present 


A different experience

A meaningful moment

A fun time with locals


Make a conscious choice

Learn something new

Give back to the community



Tours that matter, within your reach.

We design unique tours that combine off-the-beaten path experiences, moments of connection with the locals, and best things to see and do.


In our urban vacations and guided trips, we offer mindfully crafted experiences you won’t see anywhere else. Each tour positively impacts the local community, with 1% of each booking donated to a local nonprofit. Our groups are never larger than 12 travelers so everyone can have the best experience.


Our road trip itineraries are designed so you can fully enjoy the landscapes you cross and cities you stay in. We give you some tips on the way that will help you find secret spots, unique vistas and add meaning to your days.

Our partners are carefully selected to provide you with the best travel experience, from our knowledgeable local guides to the independently-owned hotels we choose whenever possible. And we keep it affordable, too!

Urban Tours and Vacation Packages

These short trips are for people who want to (re)discover a city through a local lens, feel part of a group, go on a walking tour with a local guide, try local food and meet the people who make the community what it is.


Guided Vacation Packages

Visiting one city is not enough for you; you want a vacation that will show you a whole region. Embark on one of our small guided group trips and immerse yourselves in the culture, stories and scenic landscapes of America.

Road trips

Get your family or friends together, choose your itinerary, your travel dates, and hit the road on an unforgettable trip with the freedom to go at your own pace. Your hotels are booked for you and you’ll have a packet telling you the best things to see and do. You just drive and relax. 

We donate 1% of our sales to a nonprofit in the location visited on our tours.

Together, we can make a difference through our travels.

Learn more about the causes we support.




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